2020: Draft Health Data Regulations Become Final

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2020 looks to be a landmark year for finalized regulations dictating how health data can be exchanged.  Health technology entrepreneurs must understand the regulatory landscape of how care can profitably be delivered.  Your clients – hospitals, provider groups, payers and patients – will be affected by these finalized regulations.  Gone are the days where hospitals and providers were simply concerned with mandatory collection of certain data points to recoup investments in electronic health record systems through government incentives.

Health providers in the post-Meaningful Use era are focused on how to efficiently leverage health data for improved health outcomes and maximizing value-based reimbursement payments.  Time is money, and providers need health data technology that provides actionable data, strengthens the provider-patient relationship, and personalizes the ever-shortening clinical visit window.

Moving forward, health data applications will thrive or die based on their ability to access, exchange and analyze health data from multiple sources providing comprehensive and relevant views of an individual’s health story.  In a highly regulated market such as health care, it would be remiss to not fully understand how this year’s finalized health regulations will affect you or your clients.  Some important regulations to follow:

In the New Year, Elevation will be blogging on regulatory provisions, governmental resources, related business opportunities, red flags, stakeholder sentiments and implementation best practices. Stay tuned.

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Health Consulting

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